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Over time she was joined by another student: Crane, and the two collectively became known as the Furious Two. Tigress became an official leader in the Tiger style of Hung Gar Kung Fu, as the unofficial leader of the Furious Three. She and her comrades gained great fame across China with their many accomplishments in battle.

Traveling as fast as they could, it took days to finally intercept Tai Lung at the Thread of Hope, a network of bridges that connected to the mountaintops. Tigress finally got to meet her adoptive brother face to face in combact, the enusuing battle made difficult for the rope bridge itself as well as Tai Lung's great strength and skill. Had it not been for her friends, Tigress would have fallen to her death after Tai Lung had managed to overpower her and entangle her in the ropes effectively strangling her before she accidentally let go.

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Tigress is the only member of the Furious Two to wear a shirt: A tranditional Chinese shirt with floral patterns. She also wears black sweatpants with the waist and ankles wrapped in the style of a Shaolin leg wrap to increase kicking and stance endurance. She is the only Furious Two member who wears open-toed shoes. She also wears a white belt.


Master Tigress is the strongest and boldest of the Furious Two. She is generally friendly but the least sociacle of the Two. In many scenes which the other two of the Furious Two and/or Po were joking or having fun, Tigress would often remain quiet and withdrawn. It was strongly belived by Shifu and herself.
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